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You wouldn’t buy a pair of trousers that had one leg missing. It’s why we only offer two expansive tiers of phone insurance: each designed to give you all the cover you need. After all, what’s the point of paying for a policy if you’re only half protected?

Get cover for theft, loss, liquid damage and a whole lot more with our robust policies. Just choose the level of cover that fits your circumstances best. Our flexible excess makes it easy to control the cost of your policy – and as long as you havent made a claim you can cancel anytime. Ready to get started?

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What does our phone insurance cover?

We want our policies to give you peace of mind that you won’t be left in the dark if something happens to your phone. That’s why we cover theft, loss, breakdown, liquid damage, screen damage, accessories and a lot more – no matter where you are in the world.

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A safe pair of hands for all sorts of handsets

There are some seriously slick phones out there these days. From the latest iPhone, Samsung and Google handsets through to devices from lesser-known manufacturers like OnePlus, Xiaomi and TCL, we can cover almost any mobile phone.

All we ask is that your device is less than one year old and was purchased new from a UK manufacturer or retailer. Oh and remember: we cover laptops, tablets and other shiny stuff too. In fact when you take out phone insurance with Loops, we will give you 10% off the cost of insuring each additional device. The more you cover, the more you save.

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We’ll fix your phone fast

Whether you use your phone for business or pleasure, it’s unrealistic to be without a handset for days on end. If your phone needs fixing, we’ll spring into action.

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Get a replacement handset – lickety-split.
One that you actually like.

If your phone is lost, stolen or can’t be repaired, we’ll get a replacement to you pronto – usually within around 48 hours of your claim being approved. We aim to replace like with like: same make, same model. If that’s not possible, we’ll make sure the specs stack up favourably against your previous device. Fair’s fair. And your policy with us will automatically update to cover your replacement phone.

All of our replacement phones are professional refurbishments. They function as new and come with a twelve-month warranty. Oh and as if it needed mentioning, we’d never commit the sacrilege of sending you an Android phone if you’re an iPhone fan, and vice versa. (We can almost hear the shudders.)

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Quick and easy to set up

Getting started with phone insurance should never be more complicated than getting started with your actual phone. So we’ve made it simple. Just tell us the make and model of your device, fill in a few details and you’re sorted. Simple.

By giving you the freedom to choose an excess that works for you, we make it easy to control how much you pay for your cover. You can also use our pay monthly option to spread the cost of your premium – with the option to cancel anytime if you haven't claimed. You’re in control.

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Do you like discounts?
Because we like loyalty.

We give you the option to spread the cost of a one-year policy across monthly payments. Or pay for the full year up front and get a discount on your premium. After all, loyal customers are the first ones who should be rewarded.

With Loops you can also use your policy to cover the devices of anyone you live with. That makes it easy to spend less as a household on getting reliable cover for your phones and devices. You also get a 10% discount if you insure multiple gadgets with Loops. So the more you insure, the more you save.

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Claims handling that’s simple, speedy and fair.
We’re here to help you.

The true test of any insurance policy comes when you need to make a claim. We are proud of our UK customer service and claims handling teams. And unlike some insurers, with Loops you can make unlimited claims for repairs and replacements without penalty. Our name goes around in circles. But when your claim is legitimate, we’ll never make you do the same.

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Why choose Loops?

Loops is here to make phone insurance fairer, friendlier and more affordable. Our brand is new to the market, but our strings are pulled by a small group of enthusiastic insurance experts who have been working in the industry for over 30 years. Now we are using our experience and established connections to make insurance better for everyone.

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