Hi there.
We are Loops…

Our name may be new to the insurance market, but the open secret is that we have an awful lot of experience. It’s what makes us confident when we say that we are here to make insurance faster, friendlier and more effective. Want to come along for the ride?

New brand, dab hand

We launched our brand in 2021. But don’t mistake that for a lack of experience. Loops is founded by a small group of experts who have been leading in insurance since 1973. (The same year that Motorola started production of the world’s first handheld mobile phone.) You can be certain that we have the experience, knowledge and industry relationships to steer this ship in the direction of our ultimate mission: to make insurance faster, friendlier and more effective. For everyone.

We are able to sell cost-effective policies at high volumes because our experience in the industry has helped us to develop a solid reputation with underwriters: they’re the important people who make the insurance industry tick. All you need to know is we have the youthful ambition to make insurance better – and the hard-won experience to make it happen.

The all-round insurance specialist

Phone insurance is just the start for us. We are putting the finishing touches to brand new pet insurance and travel insurance policies. And there will be more to follow beyond that. The goal is to create a place where you can find insurance policies that wrap seamlessly around your lifestyle, while leaving more money in your pocket to enjoy the things you love. So here’s to the doers and the life-lovers. Whether you are getting cover for your Great Dane or planning your own great Danish adventure, we’ll be there for you. Loops is the name. And we’re on a mission to become your all-round insurance specialist.

UK customer service – here to support you

Some companies talk a good game about customer service. But when you actually need to get hold of them, things get complicated. At Loops we respond to enquiries quickly and courteously – and we really do try to make sure our customers receive the most efficient service we are able to offer. You can get in touch with us here.

Insurance that’s easy to get your head around.
(We’re not here to catch you out.)

Ultimately insurance is about what happens when you need to make a claim. And sometimes people can feel a little disillusioned with the industry. That’s one of the things we are keen to change. Certain rules and limitations have to be there to tackle fraud. But we are totally clear about what we can cover and what we can’t. And we give our customers clear advice on how to make a successful claim. So while our name goes around in circles, we’ll never make you do the same when your claim is legitimate.

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